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Ema Izati Zull Kepili


This study attempts to examine the relationship between liberalisation of foreign purchase of properties and housing affordability in the presence of foreign direct investment (FDI) inflows. The negative relationship between liberalisation and affordability has caused dissatisfaction among Malaysians as house price has increased drastically since the government liberalise the foreign purchase of property. While Malaysia continues to receive FDI inflows which have been the engine for the country’s economic growth, it would be appropriate to examine the relationships between the liberalisation of purchase for properties by foreigners and the housing affordability within this context. Utilising the Johansen Cointegration method, this research analysed the long-term relationship of liberalisation of foreign purchase within the property sector and affordability of terrace houses. Through the use of the Channel method, this research also examines the role of FDI in the relationship.


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Ema Izati Zull Kepili, Universiti Sains Malaysia

Ema Izati bt. Zull Kepili, PhD, is a lecturer at School of Management, Universiti Sains Malaysia. She joined the university in 2015 and had since been very vibrant in the establishment. She is a dedicated Academic (Teaching at University), Finance Coach and Researcher, currently living in Malaysia. Her Ph.D thesis is entitled “Residential Property Liberalization and Housing Affordabilityâ€. While her primary research interest is in the area Real Estate Market Economics, topics on Financial Technology, Blockchain, Finance Talents keep her eyes wide open. Dr. Ema Zull (affectionately known by) have written several local newspaper articles in regards to economics, finance literacy and student development. Giving back to society, Dr. Ema is now involved in several community services helping locals in Beseri (Perlis) and Chenaam (Perak) recognizing their needs in business and finance aspects. Her love in teaching has awarded her as one of the handful finalists for the National Outstanding Educator Award, by Koperasi Pendidikan Swasta Malaysia Berhad in 2015. Love to travel, Dr. Ema would pack her camera to look for locations which have numerous civilization and religion history to understand the thoughts of economics in the area. Dr. Ema Zull welcomes collaboration with parties interested in creating sustainability living for next generation.