Pillars and Methods of Discourse and Persuasion in the Holy Quran

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Ibrahim Ostaie


Proficiency in discourse and reasoning serves as a guarantee of human success in social life. The primary purpose of the Quran is to guide and establish communication with humanity. However, a crucial question arises: to what extent does understanding the audience influence the manner of engaging in dialogue with them? This paper aims to identify the audiences of the Quran and examine the methods of discourse, reasoning, and persuasion employed to address them, utilizing a descriptive-analytical approach and focusing on the Quranic discourse techniques. The Quran, in its pursuit of effective communication, emphasizes the characteristics of the message and the messenger, recognizing audience understanding as the cornerstone of successful message transmission. Indeed, the selection of effective communication methods is rendered meaningless without a deep understanding of the audience's perspectives and thought processes.


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Research Article (Persian)